I am an Organisource Ambassador!

My sexy momma coffee! I currently add this to my morning coffee to help keep me full between meals and it helps with my scar healing. I am starting to get into the influencing on Instagram and will only promote healthy products that work or assist with overall health. I'm all for trying new products … Continue reading I am an Organisource Ambassador!


Tummy Tuck Surgery Update- 7 weeks Post Op

December 28, 2018 was 7 weeks from my Tummy Tuck Surgery. I will post my before/after pictures as well as today's. Since surgery, I am down 12.4lbs, 1-1/2 dress sizes and down 1 size in underwear. I have started getting rid of all my 1-2X clothes and started buying XL clothes. Each week I have … Continue reading Tummy Tuck Surgery Update- 7 weeks Post Op

I Finally Did Something For Me!

You may have noticed from prior post, I was thinking of getting a tummy tuck. On Friday November 9th, I did just that. I wasn't nervous going in. My scheduled time was 10:30am. I got to the surgery center early for pre-op and waited patiently for my turn. Around 11:15, my surgeon came in to … Continue reading I Finally Did Something For Me!

Check out new Teasers for Deceived!

Be sure to check our the latest teasers from Deceived. I am spending this weekend re-writing most of the sections, reducing some of the chapters and pages for better functionality and more excitement. It has been fun walking down memory lane, thinking about to when I first starting writing this in high school and about … Continue reading Check out new Teasers for Deceived!