Chapter Fourteen Teaser

Finally after a few months, I finished this chapter. As it starts to come to a close, I can't decide on how I want it to end, or if it'll end up being a 2-part. I hope to have the final chapters written this week so I can hand it off to the editors since … Continue reading Chapter Fourteen Teaser


Tentative Description for Love or Lust

As I'm getting ready to finish writing this book, I have attached a tentative description of the book. It may be tweaked for final production but let me know what you think and if you would read it based on this description. Have you ever wondered if it was love or lust? Is there a … Continue reading Tentative Description for Love or Lust

My take on Harvey Weinstein

If you've been living under a rock these last few months, allegations came out against Harvey Weinstein and a slew of other Hollywood directors about sexual misconduct among actors and actresses. This is what started the #metoo campaign. There was a lot of support for the men and women who came forth and also a … Continue reading My take on Harvey Weinstein

I am an Organisource Ambassador!

My sexy momma coffee! I currently add this to my morning coffee to help keep me full between meals and it helps with my scar healing. I am starting to get into the influencing on Instagram and will only promote healthy products that work or assist with overall health. I'm all for trying new products … Continue reading I am an Organisource Ambassador!

Tummy Tuck Surgery Update- 7 weeks Post Op

December 28, 2018 was 7 weeks from my Tummy Tuck Surgery. I will post my before/after pictures as well as today's. Since surgery, I am down 12.4lbs, 1-1/2 dress sizes and down 1 size in underwear. I have started getting rid of all my 1-2X clothes and started buying XL clothes. Each week I have … Continue reading Tummy Tuck Surgery Update- 7 weeks Post Op