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Simpler Blog coming soon!

As of today, I will be switching all my blogs over to my author website. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for updates about new books, events or sales.

I will keep my free site up and talk about whatever’s going on in my life but most of my writing blogs will be on my website. If you want to be added to my newsletter, you can also email me at

I look forward to hearing from everyone and please let me know if questions arise.

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My review of Love or Lust

Love or Lust

Love or Lust by Samantha Fair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am leaving a review for my own book as I finally got the chance to really read it word for word. I am here to defunct any negative connotations that may be associated with this book. This book is not for everyone. There is no hero or heroine. These are characters, living a very complicated life, dealing with relationship struggles.

Spoilers: You meet Kate, John, Damien and Mallory, the four main characters. Kate & John are married along with Damien and Mallory. Kate is a 23 year old mother of 3 who meets a 35 year old man that works with her husband. There is an attraction from the beginning that both try to hide. The first few years are stolen kisses at parties, nothing too serious. Things go to the next level, five years later, and that’s when things become more complicated and feelings start to brew. As they keep in touch throughout the next 7 years, and only a handful of sexual encounters, Kate and Damien decide to do the right thing and finally end their marriages.

After a miscarriage and a sudden departure, Kate has to put the pieces of her life back together. Five years pass before her past comes back to haunt her and make her reevaluate her life. Damien is back in the picture before she meets a woman, that later turns out to be her ex’s fiancée. A series of events ensue as Kate tries to put the past behind her and move on but her attraction to Damien is still too strong. She makes a few mistakes along the way that, not only complicate her life, but those around her. Damien has to make a decision between the two women in his life once and for all.

There may be times that you will hate Damien and resent Kate for some of the choices they make. This is to show the reader the darker side of relationships. Nobody talks about the internal struggles cheaters go through trying to justify their actions. Sometimes you have to go through all the hurt to finally get to a place of peace.

I hope this review helps with anyone that has doubts about whether this is the type of book for them. Under the question section, I put in a disclaimer that announces what’s in the book in case it is a trigger for some readers.

One sentence in the book stands out: Life wasn’t a fairy tale. There were always villains in the background, waiting for you to fall off your high horse, ready to steal whatever they could. This can resemble so many things in a person’s life, professionally and personally.

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3 day review updates!

Since releasing Love or Lust on 9/6, the reviews has been slowly coming in. They aren’t what I hoped or expected but as my friend pointed out, it’s only my 1st book. I had a few that liked it and one person in particular that hated it. She and her “friends” bashed it comment after comment, tearing apart certain sections and bashing me as the writer. Basically telling me to get a real job.

Some of the talk is harsh and I can’t help but take some of it to heart. It look me a good year to write it and I thought the story turned out well. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but seriously you had to bash it. If I start to read something and can’t get into it, I don’t finish it or leave a review. I’d only leave a review if I finished it. I would never leave a negative review for anyone as I know how hard it is to write a story.

Plus, in this day and age, everybody gets butt hurt about everything. Literally anything can set someone off. I like creating stories in my head, as it’s my escape from reality. I know I’ve been know to look at reviews when looking into a product and if I see more negative than positive, I move on to something else.

But seriously, don’t bash other authors. Some make this their living and some do this as a hobby. Mine is a little bit of both and since I’m already dealing with anxiety and depression, I don’t need to see things like this, being ripped apart limb by limb, especially it being my 1st book. The only way to go is up and I should use this criticism to make the next one a blockbuster.

If you’ve read it or sampled Love or Lust, let me know what you think. Be gentle 🙂

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Happy September!

A new month! A new set of goals. This month will be the release of Love or Lust, which will be releasing a few days early so keep a look out. Deceived will be the next release and this week will be rewrites and changing the direction of the book. As I re-read it now, it’s too slow in the beginning and if I know my ARC readers, they will suggest more action.

These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. After helping my buyers settle on their first house, I was fired shortly afterwards. Long story short: they didn’t think my image represented the company and that I shouldn’t work for a corporation i.e. my book cover and content.

I found a new brokerage and still getting used to their setup but they could care less about what I do outside of real estate. As long as it’s not illegal, they’re not worried.

Home life has been up and down but going through the motions and concentrating on what’s important, getting my book out and writing what I know. Next step is a screenplay for Love or Lust and finding a co-writer for some rock songs for my next novel.

I’ve been too busy to worry about being happy or about taking care of myself. Some pinched nerves and cramps have sidelined my workouts for a month but as I said in the beginning, it’s a new month. Adding deep tissue massages and chiropractor visits to the calendar.

Right now my focus is my writing and making money off of it. I’ll do things on the side to bring in extra money but writing about my dreams and exotic locations are my passion.

Check out my updated Author Website and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on releases or new projects.

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Reviews are coming in!

Reviews are starting to come in on Love or Lust. See below for the latest review:

Have you pre-ordered your copy for Kindle:

Have you pre-ordered your paperback copy: (you will need to sign up to get an email when it’s available)

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If you have any questions about leaving a review or about the pre-orders, please email

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Cover Reveal: Love or Lust

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted as much as I wanted but today I’m doing the cover reveal for Love or Lust. Below is the Kindle version as well as the paperback version. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’m awaiting pre-order review from Amazon so I’ll be posting the link once it’s available.

Tentative date for Release: September 7, 2019.

I’m also working on my website which will have all the links for my upcoming books as well as any information with purchasing book covers. I had Velvet Exposure do my photo shoot with the sexy Patrick so keep a look out for more details.

Kindle Version
Paperback version

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Carina

Have you ever been in a relationship where you have to work very hard to keep it together? We know love isn’t easy but love should be effortless. You shouldn’t have to fight to be together. Some relationships fall apart over time or circumstances change the way we look at things but in the end, love should win.

Stay tuned for more teasers as the final chapters are coming together.