Looking for Model for Book Cover Shoot

I put word out that I was looking for a male model for a book cover shoot. Please tag anyone you think would be interested. I'm looking for: Ages 36-50 (I'm asking the wide range because the book is over the course of 15 years)Between the heights of 6'-6'2, tattoos, dark hair with grays.Photo shoot … Continue reading Looking for Model for Book Cover Shoot


Tentative Description for Love or Lust

As I'm getting ready to finish writing this book, I have attached a tentative description of the book. It may be tweaked for final production but let me know what you think and if you would read it based on this description. Have you ever wondered if it was love or lust? Is there a … Continue reading Tentative Description for Love or Lust

My take on Harvey Weinstein

If you've been living under a rock these last few months, allegations came out against Harvey Weinstein and a slew of other Hollywood directors about sexual misconduct among actors and actresses. This is what started the #metoo campaign. There was a lot of support for the men and women who came forth and also a … Continue reading My take on Harvey Weinstein