21 Day Fix Extreme Results

It’s that time again. This is my review of 21 Day Fix Extreme. These results are not typical and will vary from person to person. It’s all about the effort you put into it with workouts and nutrition.

This time around I also didn’t have soda and cookies every day like the last round. I got containers for Christmas and have been using them ever since, especially for fruit, vegetables, and carbs.

I will also admit this was a killer. Some of the exercises I could do with no problem and others I could barely stand or walk afterward since it forced my body into positions it hasn’t seen before. I think when I do this again the next time, I’ll alternate between both programs to switch it up and keep my body guessing. I also did this program to push myself as I know when you take can’t out of the equation, you can do anything. I also upped my weights from traditional 3-5lbs to 5-14 since I only have 1-10lb weight.

Below are my results from this round and I will compare pictures from the beginning to now.

Before Stats:                                                                           After Stats:

  • Chest: 44″                                                                       42″
  • R Arm: 13.5″                                                                  11″
  • L Arm: 12.5″                                                                  11″
  • Waist: 45″                                                                      46″
  • Hips: 53″                                                                        52″
  • R Thigh: 27″                                                                  26″
  • L Thigh: 27″                                                                  26″
  • Total Inches: 221                                                         214
  • Weight: 264.6lbs                                                          261.6

Inches Lost: 7

Pounds Lost: 3

Overall, I’m surprised how many inches I lost this time around compared to the last time and happy that the weight is following suit. There were days I wanted to quit because the exercises were getting harder and harder and also didn’t help that on Christmas, I had some type of bug that gave me an unintended rest day. The next day I didn’t want to hit play but knew that I was in the final week and could suck it up a few more days.

Before/After Picture:

Before 21 Day Fix Extreme
After 21 Day Fix Extreme

Now that I know I can do these exercises, even to the point of cursing at them, I’m moving to A Little Obsessed to get ready for 80-day Obsession.

After 80-Day Obsession, it will be back to 21 Day Fix & Extreme for 2nd rounds until I get to the point I can handle P90X and Insanity.

Feel free to leave comments on your experiences or any questions regarding the program.


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