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Did You Survive Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession?

Did You Get Obsessed?

If you are doing 80 Day Obsession, along with thousands of others, you should have completed Phase 1. Just like other fitness programs, you either have the willpower or you don’t.

I will admit, I wasn’t 100% on my nutrition but I was for my workouts. The first few days are always the hardest until you start to get the hang of everything. Watching Weekly Obsession, a preview into the next week, helps to get you in the right state of mind to continue. If you’ve never tried timed nutrition, the first 2 weeks were also the hardest until you found your rhythm. A lot of coaches in our test group, either lost weight or gained in those first 2 weeks. This is caused by your body trying something new and getting used to eating every 2-3 hours and filling up on fruit and vegetables.

I was disciplined those 2 weeks until I started slacking and allowing myself a cookie or brownie or whatever sweet I was making for the family. I didn’t overindulge, just a taste here and there. The good thing was I ate it and didn’t get the same reaction I would had I been eating them all the time. I learned I was no longer craving sweets and craving more fruit, always a good thing.

These last 2 weeks have been even harder. With personal, professional and my own issues, I realized I wasn’t pushing myself enough in the workouts, slacking on weights and giving up after a few reps. It really is mind over body. I know my body can handle the stress but my mind kept telling me to quit. The constant reminder in the back of my mind telling me to quit like I’ve done in the past.

Although I feel my stomach getting flatter, or maybe not as bloated, I realized I may have Body Dysmorphic, also known as “phantom fat”. I’ve had this in the past when I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight. I found myself rubbing my belly, looking for that extra fat, almost like a security blanket. That’s actually what I call my lower pooch. That pooch has been through 3 babies and been my security blanket for as long as I can remember.

Although others see the progress, I don’t. Are my clothes fitting better? Yes! Am I fitting into smaller shirts? Yes! Will I need a whole new wardrobe after all this is done? I hope so! I’ve always told myself I was big boned and this is the way I’m supposed to look.

Below are 3 progress pictures, the beginning, middle and end of Phase 1.

Phase 1 Start
1.15.18 Start of Phase 1
phase 1 week 2
1.29.18 2 week Phase 1
phase 1 end
2.11.18 End of Phase 1

Start of Phase 1                                                                    End of Phase 1

  • Chest: 42″                                                                               41″
  • R Arm: 12.5″                                                                          14″
  • L Arm: 12″                                                                             13″
  • Waist: 45″                                                                              44″
  • Hips: 52″                                                                                50.5″
  • R Thigh: 25.5″                                                                       26″
  • L Thigh: 26.5″                                                                       26.5″
  • Total Inches: 215.5                                                              215
  • Weight: 261.4                                                                       257.4

Inches Lost: 0.5″

Weight: -4lbs

Total Muscle Mass: 129.5lbs (almost half my body weight is muscle)

This may not look like a lot and I could get discouraged. I know where I need to improve on and with Phase 2 comes a whole new set of workouts, harder than the first phase. This will be my time to shine.

Overall goal for this program: 31.4lbs to be at 230lbs. I haven’t seen that number in over 5 years and would ideally like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 219. But as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

How are your results?