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80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Results

It’s that time again. If you or anyone you know has been following our Test Group for 80 Day Obsession, Sunday 3/11 was the end of Phase 2, hence time for updated results.

I will admit; this phase was the hardest. I didn’t follow the timed nutrition most of the time. I was sick through most of it so I didn’t push myself with the workouts. I had to take 2 rest days because crippling pain where I could barely walk let alone move. I had a sore throat for 2 weeks where it hurt to swallow so not a lot of eating or drinking. A numbing liquid from the doctor seemed to help and it was gone within the next 2 days.

As far as results, I’m surprised I lost anything since my body had been fighting me the last 4 weeks. From the pictures, I can tell where I see the change; my inner thighs. I remember when they were giving me rub burns so walking was always a struggle. Now they barely touch and there isn’t as much fat as before. Hopefully, by the end of phase 3, it will be gone completely.

Phase 3 starts today as this is the “Shred” Phase. I’m hoping to do better with nutrition and give my all to the workouts. The slider moves are still a struggle as are planks, because of my stomach flapping and slapping when I pull my knees in. I’m going to try to do better with these core workouts so I can finally see my abs that have been hiding. Since there are only 30 days left, I have to think about what to do next to keep the momentum going. I know there was talk of doing 3 weeks of 21 Day Fix Extreme, following the timed nutrition before starting round 2.

Phase 1 Results                                                   vs                                   Phase 2 Results

  • Chest- 41″                                                                                          41″
  • R. Arm- 14″                                                                                       13.5″
  • L. Arm- 13″                                                                                       13″
  • Waist- 44″                                                                                         43″
  • Hips- 50.5″                                                                                        50″
  • R. Thigh- 26″                                                                                    25″
  • L. Thigh- 26.5″                                                                                 25.5″
  • Total Inches- 215                                                                            211
  • Weight: 257.4                                                                                  255.6

Inches Lost- 4

Weight Lost- 2.2lbs

Muscle Weight: 121.8, 47.6% body fat

Day 1 to now: -4.2lbs, -4.5″

It doesn’t seem like a lot but 4 inches was the difference between wearing size 20 jeans vs 18’s, that are now getting too big, especially in the legs. My goal for end of phase 3 is to be out of 18’s and into 16’s. If I lose another few inches, especially between my legs, hips and stomach, I’ll be there in now time. I’ve been okay with the weight loss as I know I’m building a lot of muscle in my arms and legs. My obliques are hard, my love handles are almost gone and even XL shirts and leggings are getting too big. Some workout clothes I’ve had for over 10 years so it will be nice to trade them in for smaller sizes and see how far I’ve come in the meantime. I still have 55.6lbs to lose before I’m at my goal weight and it still seems doable by my 33rd birthday in December.

As Spring approaches, more time will be spent outdoors, running after the kids, trips to the lake, long walks with the dog and getting my oldest ready for basketball camp in the summer.

How are your results and are you ready to begin your journey? Click here for more details, learn more about Beachbody on Demand and Challenge Packs or contact me on how to get started and learn about your goals.

phase 1 end
2.11.18 End of Phase 1
3.11.18 End of Phase 2
3.11.18 End of Phase 2