What is it with schools today?

Today I read an article where a 17 year old girl was told to put Band-Aids on her nipples because it distracted the boys at school.

The gist of the article is the girl got sunburn on her shoulders over the weekend and decided to go to school without a bra on. She still wore an oversize long-sleeve t-shirt, enough to cover herself without revealing anything. For anyone that has suffered sunburns, especially on your shoulders or back, wearing a bra can be quite painful. She is also not small breasted, which I think is why the school made such a big fuss.

From my own personal experience, anytime I’ve gotten sunburn, a bra is the last thing I wanted to put on, especially if you have bigger breasts. The extra pressure from having to hold the girls up can do more damage than good.

According to the article, she hadn’t violated school dress code but that she was considered a “distraction.” It’s 2018 right? We are still having these issues in school, almost monthly where larger breasted girls are getting in trouble with clothing just because they’re bigger. As someone that grew up in the country, most of the guys in my school were rednecks and wore tight jeans. Am I to tell on them because their butts are distracting me from working and make them wear longer shirts.

I don’t understand schools today. I’ve only been out 14 years and the things can get away with today is astonishing. Maybe since cell phones just came out when I was in high school and we didn’t have the issue with social media and sexting.

As a mother of 2 girls, I would be upset if she was my daughter and was being treated this way. I was big breasted in school and never got called out for being a distraction, even wearing low cut shirts or short skirts and that was the early 2000’s.

Something needs to be done about the way we are treating young women who have a little more up top then most girls. Maybe visit Cyber Charter Schools. You can go year round, won’t have to make up snow days and everyone will be safe from bullying and sexual harassment. I knew a bunch of kids that were home schooled that went to proms and dances and didn’t have to face the issues that are plaguing schools today.

As a mother of a boy, I will be teaching him to respect women and know that schools are made for learning, not objectifying women.

In conclusion, something needs to be done. Girls are always going to have breasts, small or large, and shouldn’t be punished for having them. Boys will be boys and they will never change. Breasts have been so sexualized over the years that people forget the real reason we have them in the first place. To feed our children, not to be the object of every man’s fantasy.




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