80 Day Obsession Round 1 Results

On April 14th, I finished Round 1 of 80 Day Obsession. As you can see from the pictures below, you can see some of the changes that occurred. My overall results were 7.8 lbs lost and 3 inches. Three of those pounds were from Peak Week where I was carb cycling every 2 days.

The thing I am most proud of was my commitment to working out for 80 days. This is the longest I have committed to something this extreme. I didn’t follow the timed nutrition like I was supposed to but now I know what to expect when I start Round 2.

This week I’m giving my body a chance to recover from these workouts. I was having issues with my knees and wrists so not putting any pressure on them has helped me move a little better. Though it’s only been 3 days, I can feel the itch to turn on one of the programs and do something. I was going to wait until July to start Round 2 but I think I will start it on April 23rd so I can get it done before I go to a pool party at the end of July. This will also give me a chance to complete one of the other many programs before I head upstate for my cousin’s wedding in October. I’m 52lbs away from my goal for my 33rd birthday in December so I’m well on my way.

How were your results? What were your struggles and what changes will you make moving forward?

round 1 results

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