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80 Day Obsession Round 2 Phase 1

Here I go again! Maybe I enjoy putting my body through the ringer but in the end, it’s all worth it, right? Looking back at my first round’s results, Did You Survive Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession? I can see how far I’ve come. It hasn’t been easy but again, nothing in life is every easy.

This round, I decided to take pictures and measurements every week, see attached, to keep the momentum going. If I don’t see it in writing, I don’t believe it. As you can see below, total inches lost was 5.5 and down 2.2 pounds. It may not see like a lot and you can get discouraged by the numbers, but a loss is a loss. I used to be so focused with the number on the scale. Yes, I do like that it’s finally under 250 but since I started my journey in Size 22 and now a Size 18, slowly shrinking to 16’s. That is my Non-Scale Victory that I’m most proud of. At the end of this round, I’ll be posting my before/after of when I started working out to Beachbody back in October. That’s 7 months of progress, setbacks, holidays and sometimes lack of determination. Phase 2 is the build phase so I don’t expect to lose many inches but hoping to hone in on the nutrition since phase 3 I will be shredding.

After Round 2, it will be off to try Joel Freeman’s Liift4, which I will review, post pictures, and share my journey.

Start of Phase 1:                                                                                      End of Phase 1:

Chest- 43.5″                                                                                             -1.5″

R. Arm- 13.5 ”                                                                                          -0.0″

L. Arm- 13″                                                                                              -1.0″

Waist- 44″                                                                                                -3.5″

Hips- 49″                                                                                                  -0.0″

R. Thigh- 25″                                                                                           +0.5″

L. Thigh- 26″                                                                                           -0.0″

Total Inches: 214                                                                                  -5.5″

Total Weight: 251.2                                                                             -2.2