80 Day Obsession Round 2 Phase 1

Here I go again! Maybe I enjoy putting my body through the ringer but in the end, it’s all worth it, right? Looking back at my first round’s results, Did You Survive Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession? I can see how far I’ve come. It hasn’t been easy but again, nothing in life is every easy.

This round, I decided to take pictures and measurements every week, see attached, to keep the momentum going. If I don’t see it in writing, I don’t believe it. As you can see below, total inches lost was 5.5 and down 2.2 pounds. It may not see like a lot and you can get discouraged by the numbers, but a loss is a loss. I used to be so focused with the number on the scale. Yes, I do like that it’s finally under 250 but since I started my journey in Size 22 and now a Size 18, slowly shrinking to 16’s. That is my Non-Scale Victory that I’m most proud of. At the end of this round, I’ll be posting my before/after of when I started working out to Beachbody back in October. That’s 7 months of progress, setbacks, holidays and sometimes lack of determination. Phase 2 is the build phase so I don’t expect to lose many inches but hoping to hone in on the nutrition since phase 3 I will be shredding.

After Round 2, it will be off to try Joel Freeman’s Liift4, which I will review, post pictures, and share my journey.

Start of Phase 1:                                                                                      End of Phase 1:

Chest- 43.5″                                                                                             -1.5″

R. Arm- 13.5 ”                                                                                          -0.0″

L. Arm- 13″                                                                                              -1.0″

Waist- 44″                                                                                                -3.5″

Hips- 49″                                                                                                  -0.0″

R. Thigh- 25″                                                                                           +0.5″

L. Thigh- 26″                                                                                           -0.0″

Total Inches: 214                                                                                  -5.5″

Total Weight: 251.2                                                                             -2.2



9 thoughts on “80 Day Obsession Round 2 Phase 1

  1. I finished 80 Day Obsession too! Last month to be exact. You can read about results on my page, if you’re intrested. I too will also be reviewing Joel’s new fitness program when it launches. Good luck to you! Your results are fantastic. Keep it up!!


    1. Your results were great! I need to hone in on the nutrition and it’s sometimes hard to eat every 2-3 hours. My only addiction is soda, which I want to kick but since I gave up coffee this phase, I need my sugar rush. Keep up the good work.


      1. Thank you!! Your results are coming along too! The nutrition is hard but it is manageable at times. Its okay to have cheat meals and indulge. We need to be able to live sometimes lol. I’m actually in the works of writing a post about kicking soda habits. You should check it out soon!


      2. I’ll keep a look out. Pepsi is my crack and sometimes I can go without it but the itching comes back and once I have one, I have to have it all the time. I have at least 1 a day but I need to wean it to once a week or only on the days I don’t workout, which would be Sunday.

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      3. Yes! I agree! You can’t cut it out cold turkey. You have to have a plan. I would suggest that for every soda you drink, I would drink twice as much water. Believe it or not, but I used to drink soda a lot. Mostly in my high school days when I worked at a Sonic. I haven’t touched the stuff in over three years. However, I do think the occasional ginger ale for stomach upset is okay. This is the only time I drink soda.


      4. I usually drink it with dinner and drink only water during the day so that’s my treat for the day. It would be nice to go cold turkey but it goes so well with pizza or anything saucy.


      5. Pizza and soda is a great combination! I can attest! I used to do to it myself. Have you tried carbonated water? It’s kind of like soda but a little healthier.


      6. Not a fan of La Croix. I don’t like the ingredients. There are lots of options out there, just find the one you like and has a list of ingredients that you know are good for your body.


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