What Inspires You?

     As I finished Chapter Six, I realized how far I’ve come when it comes to writing. Remembering back in high school, the imagination I had compared to being an adult. Maybe life experiences ramp it up or certain people come into your life that you need to write about. Maybe you have a vision of a certain character and a friend, or complete stranger comes into your life and inspires you to create them. When I’m thinking of story lines, I think about the people in my life. Some of them are spot on, some I embellish, usually adding a tattoo or piercings when they don’t have any. I have a friend in particular that I imagine when I’m creating my male characters. Maybe he’s the epitome of the perfect man or maybe it’s the way he carries himself and his relationships with people. It doesn’t help that he’s extremely good looking and would make a perfect leading man.
     As writers, we need this active imagination to bring words together that form a picture for our readers. Especially when it’s a genre I’m not familiar with but seems to be the easiest to write. When I first wrote Deceived, I was in middle school, not dating, still a virgin and only imagined what sex was like. It wasn’t until I was older and able to rewrite those scenes based on my own experiences or what I’ve viewed. Now writing Love or Lust, it’s easier to write these scenes because of those experiences and a wild imagination. Maybe somethings will be taboo or something that most people wouldn’t dream of doing. But with the release on the 50 Shades of Grey books, people are little more open to role-playing and trying out their own desires. I haven’t read the books personally but as someone that has friends in that community and seen some things first hand, I can only tell that real experiences are better than fiction.
     Plus based on Chapter Six and doing online research, I see a trip to Vail, Colorado in my new future, you know for further research 🙂
chapter six

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