To All the Men I’ve Loved Before

Yes, like the movie but this time it's men, not boys. I've decided if I wanted to move forward, I needed to revisit my past. I needed to know why certain people came into my life and what came out of those meetings. To get where I am, I have to start at the beginning. … Continue reading To All the Men I’ve Loved Before


What They Don’t Teach You About Having Kids?

We all know children do not come with a manual. Over thousands of years, evolution has changed the way we raise our children. What they don't teach you is all the added expenses and drama you have to do go through. Besides raising, clothing and feeding your children, you have the expense of daycare, school … Continue reading What They Don’t Teach You About Having Kids?

Added New Features and Updates!

Besides this blog, you have may have noticed some teasers from my upcoming novels. I have added sections on the bottom of my website that will be dedicated to those books. As well as writing about it, material will be posted under each book as well. September 12th Deceived starts getting reviewed by Mountains Wanted … Continue reading Added New Features and Updates!