What Exactly Do You Do?

This question was raised by my husband today when he asked about writing. I was sitting in my pajamas with my glasses on and my laptop on my lap. I was writing my other post and he said I looked like a professional librarian looking up something. I told him that most writers stare at their computers and browse Facebook all day. Yes sometimes I do that and that’s why I prefer the paper and pen. Less distraction and more work. Below are some memes I found that describe these scenarios:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I’ve done enough distractions, it’s time to grab my notebook and pen get Chapter 9 written. With Hurricane Florence coming our way, I’ll be couped up for a week so I should have no problem knocking out chapter after chapter. After my nap that’s what I’ll do….yes after a nap. Stay safe on the East Coast!


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