Chapter Twelve Teasers!

Check out The Inn at the Round Barn Farm in Vermont where this chapter and the next is located. When I do research for places to go in my books, I always use real places. This wasn't always the case. It takes days, sometimes weeks, to find the perfect place. It all depends on what … Continue reading Chapter Twelve Teasers!


I Finally Did Something For Me!

You may have noticed from prior post, I was thinking of getting a tummy tuck. On Friday November 9th, I did just that. I wasn't nervous going in. My scheduled time was 10:30am. I got to the surgery center early for pre-op and waited patiently for my turn. Around 11:15, my surgeon came in to … Continue reading I Finally Did Something For Me!

Check out new Teasers for Deceived!

Be sure to check our the latest teasers from Deceived. I am spending this weekend re-writing most of the sections, reducing some of the chapters and pages for better functionality and more excitement. It has been fun walking down memory lane, thinking about to when I first starting writing this in high school and about … Continue reading Check out new Teasers for Deceived!

When Do You Know It’s Time To Move On?

This title could mean many things. This will be in regards to a relationship. I've been in my current relationship for 15 years. I got engaged after a year and married after 3 years. Looking back through old diaries, even when I was in the early stages on my relationship, I was having doubts. I … Continue reading When Do You Know It’s Time To Move On?

To All the Men I’ve Loved Before

Yes, like the movie but this time it's men, not boys. I've decided if I wanted to move forward, I needed to revisit my past. I needed to know why certain people came into my life and what came out of those meetings. To get where I am, I have to start at the beginning. … Continue reading To All the Men I’ve Loved Before