Check out new Teasers for Deceived!

Be sure to check our the latest teasers from Deceived. I am spending this weekend re-writing most of the sections, reducing some of the chapters and pages for better functionality and more excitement. It has been fun walking down memory lane, thinking about to when I first starting writing this in high school and about … Continue reading Check out new Teasers for Deceived!


Love or Lust Teasers Chapter 7 & 8

As I wrote Chapters 7 & 8, I decided I needed to give the main character a voice. Since I write my own blog, I decided to give my character a job. Plus I needed to give her something to do besides daydream about people she can't have...something of real life. Speaking of real life, … Continue reading Love or Lust Teasers Chapter 7 & 8

Added New Features and Updates!

Besides this blog, you have may have noticed some teasers from my upcoming novels. I have added sections on the bottom of my website that will be dedicated to those books. As well as writing about it, material will be posted under each book as well. September 12th Deceived starts getting reviewed by Mountains Wanted … Continue reading Added New Features and Updates!