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Chapter Twenty-Three: Carina

Have you ever been in a relationship where you have to work very hard to keep it together? We know love isn’t easy but love should be effortless. You shouldn’t have to fight to be together. Some relationships fall apart over time or circumstances change the way we look at things but in the end, love should win.

Stay tuned for more teasers as the final chapters are coming together.

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What Are Your 2019 Goals?

My business coach has me watching some videos and reading some books to help me get into the right mindset. We will be working to scale my business over the next 90 days as well as build a new business model. He asked about my goals and what I hope to accomplish, hence the reading material. I have a lot of things I hope to accomplish next year, both personally and professionally. He gave me a financial goal he hopes we can achieve. It is more than I could possibly imagine so as the daydreaming goes, I think about what I would use that money for.

Among other things, I passed my Real Estate Exam and go on New Years Eve to meet with a Broker. This would be my 2nd stream of income. I am also taking a Medical Billing and Coding class so I am able to work at home. This would be my 3rd stream of income. Plus I am working on publishing my 2 books as well so hopefully I’ll have 4 streams of income coming in. I am doing everything I can possibly do to be able to support myself and give my kids the things they need. Depending on how my relationship works out, I need to be able to have my own money so I can achieve everything I want.

I started by watching a YouTube video on Vision Boards. I created two about 6 months ago, one personal, one business. I have not completed anything on those boards so I’m exciting to create a new one. I’m already all over Google and Pinterest, picking out the type of house I want, and other things I hope to do. I would love to travel as soon as I get over my fear of flying. There are so many beautiful places in this world and I would like to achieve them while I’m young.

My husband and I are still working on what we plan on doing with our relationship and if I had a timeline in place. He is hoping I wait until our youngest is in school (3 years) before I decide on ending things. I told him 1 year. I am trying to plan out my 2019 to the point where I’ll be happy and everything will fall into place.

I have decided to get out my head and start working. I have been around so much negativity this year that as the year comes to a close, I will be removing all the negative thoughts and only allowing positive vibes to come in. That will include getting rid of negative people and people that only bring me down instead of lifting me up.

Check out these links to get started on creating your goals!

Vision Board-

Hal Elrod- “The Miracle Morning”-

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Chapter Thirteen Teaser!

I thought I ended it the way I wanted but after re-reading, I realized it was missing something. Now off to the next chapter which will bring us up to present day. This may be the 1st book in the series since I have ideas for a sequel. I guess it’s off to outlining to see if we will have one or not. Happy Reading!

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Chapter Twelve Teasers!

Check out The Inn at the Round Barn Farm in Vermont where this chapter and the next is located. When I do research for places to go in my books, I always use real places. This wasn’t always the case. It takes days, sometimes weeks, to find the perfect place. It all depends on what is happening in the story and the tiniest detail (the size of a bed) makes all the difference. I want the reader to look at those pictures and imagine themselves in the story, re-living those lines. The below picture is of the 245 acres since the season is Summer.

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Are You In A Rut?

After watching this week’s episode of 9-1-1, I am in a rut. Let me rephrase, it’s more like a trench I can’t get out of. We get so complacent with our life, sometimes we don’t feel like it’s a rut.

After these past few years, I can, without a doubt, say I’m in a rut. Working, staying at home, it’s all the same routine. I get up, get 2 of the kids off to school, try to scarf down a hot breakfast and coffee, do chores while my 2 year old runs amuck, lunch, more chores, kids home from school, snack, dinner, some TV (if no more chores) then it’s off to bed to do the same thing over again. So far for 10 years that’s all I’ve done. No wonder my health started to deteriorate.

In those times, I tried to take care of myself. Despite losing 30lbs after my 1st from 2 days personal trainer and 5 days gym, it put me in the hospital, sidelined for 6 weeks. After that, I was never the same. When I get that much momentum going, it’s hard to stop. I’ve tried to get it going again but something always comes up. Kids, phone, dog, appointments, business. I know they shouldn’t be excuses but they were. On top of all that, taking care of my sick mother in law didn’t help which later got me another hospital visit for anxiety.

I’ve found myself talking to GOD a lot. Thank Him for what I can and asking for answers and signs for others. I may delve into it later, as it requires a whole lot of soul searching and hard decisions.

I know most people would kill to be in the rut I am with a house to take care of and kids who demand my attention. But I long for the days of peace and quiet. The 2 minutes to go to the bathroom or jump in a shower without one of them accompanying me. Being able to soak in an epsom salt bath because my body is sore without someone knocking on the door, needing something. Getting a good night sleep so I can face the next day. Ah, sleep. What is that again?

So I ask again, are you in a rut? Maybe you’re just starting to dig in or trying to escape alive. Just remember don’t lose yourself in the process. They don’t bring this up in marriage counseling now do they?

That’s my soapbox for now. Depending on which kid irritates me next, there may be a slew of new material coming.