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Looking for Model for Book Cover Shoot

I put word out that I was looking for a male model for a book cover shoot. Please tag anyone you think would be interested.

I’m looking for:

Ages 36-50 (I’m asking the wide range because the book is over the course of 15 years)
Between the heights of 6′-6’2, tattoos, dark hair with grays.
Photo shoot will take place in Gettysburg once model has been picked.
The look I am most looking for closely remembers Jeremy Sisto. He’d actually be perfect if I can turn this book into a movie.

This would be the look of the character for the most part of the book
This would be the look for the 2nd part of the book when the character is in his 50’s.

Again, please tag or share with anyone that may be interested. I want to start modeling the book covers to get it a more realistic feel so the readers can visually see themselves as the characters. It’s been hard trying to find someone. If I don’t find someone soon, I’ll go back to the original covers and may make a special edition if the right person comes along.

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Chapter Fourteen Teaser

Finally after a few months, I finished this chapter. As it starts to come to a close, I can’t decide on how I want it to end, or if it’ll end up being a 2-part. I hope to have the final chapters written this week so I can hand it off to the editors since I think I have a cover that I like. I’m ready for this journey to end so I can dive into some other areas of writing. This book has meant a lot to me over the past year as I’ve gone through some rough stuff in my own life. This book has been my therapy and it will reflect. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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Tentative Description for Love or Lust

As I’m getting ready to finish writing this book, I have attached a tentative description of the book. It may be tweaked for final production but let me know what you think and if you would read it based on this description.

Have you ever wondered if it was love or lust? Is there a distinction between the two? Can you have both? According to Kate McGrady, she never thought she would meet someone to lust after even yet be lusted after. Enter Damien Michaelson, the man that would change everything. Never did Kate think she would meet someone that made her mouth water, legs shake, and have her dirty mind on repeat. Could it be love and happily ever after or is her body just lusting after the fact that he is someone else’s husband?